Thursday, October 20, 2011

Wedding Dresses New Fall 2012 Trend!

Hey brides, grooms and fellow bloggers!

The newest trend in wedding dresses has to do with a particular color.  Try to guess is it ivory, crème or a soft pink?  Not even close…it’s black!  Wait a black wedding dress, you’re kidding right?  Nope!  Vera Wang, one of the world’s biggest names in wedding fashion and couture presented a line of 7 black wedding gowns for the fall 2012 bridal season. 

What are your thoughts on this new trend?

I think white should be the color of choice because represents purity and the beginning of a new life (with your husband).  Many women are choosing ivory and crèmes for their bridal gown.  Pink is becoming ever more popular especially on shows like Say Yes to the Dress.  Dresses with splashes of color on the train or sash on the dress are more common now too.  However, this is your big day!  Do you want something every bride is thinking about too?  Think outside the box whether it is a short gown, over the top huge ball gown, colored or even black!  It’s your big day wear something you love!

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  1. Hi great really???!! I'm with you get what you like but I can't help but think of Morticia Adams I believe that is her dress 3rd pic form the bottom lol