Thursday, September 22, 2011

Sweet Heart Table vs Head Table

I think sweet heart table is becoming more popular than head tables.  Head tables are convenient if no one in your wedding party is together or married.  For my wedding one of my bridesmaids and one of my husband’s groomsmen were dating each other so if we were to have a head table with my maid of honor her date and my bridesmaid and her date than the table would be off balance and not look beautiful.  For my cousin’s wedding, my brother was the best man and his girlfriend was a bridesmaid as was I.  If they had a head table they would not be able to sit together or they would be off balance if they did. 

Sweet heart tables also make the bride and groom feel more intimate and I believe it brings them together and unifies them during their special day.  Sweet heart tables are more special if the bride and groom have custom flutes or decorations only for their table such as candles, a unity ceremony valuable and other engraved items. 

For my wedding we had a unity sand ceremony that was fun and brought us together during our wedding vows and it was displayed at our sweet heart table throughout the reception.  We also had an engraved mirror that beautiful candles were displayed that also have our names and wedding date along with our custom flutes.

This is taken from the
A sweetheart table is a small table set up for just the bride and groom at the wedding reception. The happy couple sits together, facing their guests, with their wedding attendants and families at tables in close proximity. The advantage is that you get to spend time together and enable your wedding party to sit with family and friends. If you're not comfortable with being the focal point at the wedding reception, you can have a head table. Your head table can be similar to the other reception tables or it can be a dais table (elevated), to stand out. The head table can consist of all the wedding attendants or include the parents, siblings, grandparents and anyone else who is very close to the bride and groom.

Some cute ideas for sweet heart tables are linked below:

Here is an awesome blog post from the

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Cakes VS Cupcakes

The great debate of the 21st century is of the cake species!  What to have at a wedding or a special event: cakes or cupcakes? 

Cakes are formal, elegant and classic.  Cakes can be decorated with dazzling embellishments or left simple and classic.  Cupcakes are fun, pretty and cute.  Cupcakes are becoming more popular than ever at events.  Cupcakes are popping up because you know how many to order exactly if you are on a tight budget allowing individuals to have one cupcake.  However, in my personal experience your guests are more likely to eat more than one.  You can have them in multiple flavors and as many as you want instead of 4 layers of cake with 4 flavors.  If you have 100 cupcakes you could have 100 flavors literally! J Cupcakes are an easy more convenient type of dessert that you can dress up for any special occasion. 

I chose cupcakes for my wedding and they were made by Heavenly Cupcakes of Sarasota, Florida and they turned out beautiful and they tasted even better!  My husband and I were even able to have them bake a large cupcake so we could put our unique and personable wedding cake topper on top and cut that as husband and wife and also save it for our 1 year wedding anniversary.  Plus my own personal theory was if my loving and caring husband was going to try to smash my face with cake for our cake cutting ceremony, I was going to start throwing cupcakes one by one at him J luckily it didn’t come to that!

I love cupcakes because you can choose different frostings, flavors, colors and even individual embellishments and decorations for each cupcake.  A great idea I thought of was have the cupcakes as the wedding favors by putting the guests name on each cupcake and also have a display of cupcakes incase your guests wanted more than 1 each.  You could also have the individual cupcakes that for your favors in cute little boxes that match your theme or colors. 

I have shared some pictures form my wedding and some more from Heavenly Cupcakes website:

Monday, September 12, 2011

Candy Bars at special events.

Candy bars are popping up everywhere.  They are a great way to add a special touch of fun and creativity to your wedding as well as being kid friendly.  You can keep the colors simple and coordinate them with your wedding. 

Some brides like to match the candy with their favorites tastes or themes like 1960s or retro or Willie Wonka or Halloween.  I think it is best if you use clear glass containers that are different shapes, heights and sizes and match the candy to your theme colors.  Stick with candy that is well known and liked like lollipops, m-n-ms, rock candy, butter mints, jelly beans because these you can buy separately in the colors you want.  If you buy a bag of m-n-ms you will get the primary colors which will not look good in a candy bar fit for a theme or color concept.  You can go online to find specific colors.  I think this gives a better feel of cohesiveness.

I recently went to a wedding this past Saturday for my mom’s good friends: Julie and Brett.  It was a beautiful and fun wedding!  They had a candy bar and it was a huge hit.  The candy was gone before the cake was even cut!  They had an assortment of white and purple candies that matched the purple orchids on the tables and on the cake.  They have swirl lollipops, swirl stick candy, butter mints, purple gumballs, white candy ribbon, m-n-ms in purple and white, jelly belly jellybeans in purple grape flavored and white popcorn flavored, white and purple rock candy and mint lifesavers in white.  I think the lollipops and the m-n-ms were the most popular.  It was set up great with purple paper bags with a heart sticker with Julie’s and Brett’s name and their wedding date.  They had fun jars the candy was in including oversized martini glasses, Champaign glasses and other large jars. They had various scoops and thongs for each candy jar which made it quite convenient.

I love the idea of a candy bar.  I am definitely going to put one together for my next event.  Whether it is a birthday party, holiday party, bridal shower, baby shower or wedding, candy bars will fit any theme and they will be sure to be a big hit at your next party!

Check out these ideas I found online.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Bridal Show

Hey brides and bloggers! 

Save the date for the best local bridal show around!  The Nuovo Bridal Show in November at the Sarasota Municipal Auditorium in Sarasota.

I am getting really excited about the upcoming bridal show in November.  I am getting prepared and making some really neat things for my booth and giveaways for all the brides to be!

There is a lot of preparation going into my booth.  I am having so much fun putting together extra sweet goodies for all the brides to be.  There will be some things kept secret to surprise those who stop by my booth! 

Special Notice:

I am giving away a free set of bride and groom Tervis Tumblers if you stop by our booth and fill out a simple form.  Will you be the lucky winners? Stop by and find out!

The majority of the props and items seen at my booth will be crafted or baked by yours truly!  My husband has put a lot of effort and help in making my booth great.  I love him very very much and appreciate everything he has helped me do thus far.  He has great ideas and if there is something you are looking for to make your wedding day unique or special and need a bit of inspiration, my husband and I are the team to ask!

If you are looking for wedding inspiration, vendors or just looking to have a fun afternoon, then be sure to come out to the Nuovo bridal show this November.