Friday, October 21, 2011

Themed Weddings

Themes a good or bad idea at weddings?

Weddings are the happiest day of the bride and groom’s lives.  It is the beginning of their wonderful journey together in the world. 

When I was planning for my wedding everyone always asked me what is your theme?  To me I did not have a theme.  If I did I would consider it to be my husband and I but that just sounds odd.  We used a lot of things with two hearts that interlocked with each other so I guess you could say two hearts was our theme. 

Now there are brides with crazy wild themes such as living dead, the Wizard of Oz, butterflies, Las Vegas, eras and decades, Paris France, country western and more. 

I think themes at weddings can be fun but they can also go very wrong by adding too much or make the decorations too costumey.  Weddings are the time to make sure the bride and groom are having the most fun they can and which may mean adding some key pieces to create a wedding and reception how they like it.  It should be done subtly and not too out there and crazy. 

David Tutera of My Fair Weddings also has to tone done the decorations and little favors and sometimes even the attire.  The key to decorating a wedding and reception is to show off the bride and groom with their theme with little subtle hints to bring it all together.  Remember keep it classy and fun!

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