Monday, October 10, 2011

Wedding Cakes and Toppers Too!

At your wedding you sure can
“Have your cake and eat it too!”

Wedding cake dates back to the Roman Empire where cake was made form whole wheat flower and not so sweet as we know it today.  Back then the cake was broken over the bride’s head for luck and any guests for relatives that ate the crumbs were considered to be a good omen.

In England the guests brought sweet buns to pile and stack in front of the bride and groom to have the pile as high as it could be.  The bride and groom would then attempt to kiss over the tall pile and if they were successful that would bring the bride and groom luck and many children. 

Another story surrounding the wedding cake is the bride’s cake or bride’s pie.  The baker would bake a glass ring inside and the first single female that found it at the reception would be the next to wed.  This is similar to the bouquet toss but messier. J

The cakes are white to symbolize purity, childhood innocence and the purity of the heart.  Today cakes are white or full color, it is up to the bride and groom!

The top of the cake is saved for the first year wedding anniversary of the bride and groom.  I can proudly say mine is less than a month away, November 6!


Wedding cake toppers fist began in the late 19th century which featured a bride and groom in traditional poses.  They were considered ornaments and were saved as treasured mementos of the wedding ceremony.  They are considered to be the symbol of the love, bond and togetherness the bride and groom share.

Wedding cake toppers have come along way since the 1890s.  In the late 1920s, Sears came out with their first line of wedding ornaments (cake toppers) in their catalog.  In the 1900s symbols such as silver bells, love birds, doves, cherubs, cupids, etc became widely acceptable as wedding cake toppers. 

Today there are more than ever to choose from and widely popular today are floral arrangements or the letter of the groom’s last name.  There are humorous ones, hobby-fied ones, sports themed, ethnic and religious themed, personalized and more!  Your only limit for your own unique cake topper is your imagination! has endless cake toppers to choose from!  Including the one from my wedding that my loving and wonderful husband bought me for Christmas a month after we got engaged!  This is truly the perfect wedding topper for us!

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  1. Hi Great blog I like the idea of breaking the cake over the Brides head I wonder if that is where the tradition of smashing it each others face comes from