Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Sarasota Wedding Planner

Every girl waits for the day,

Her perfect man proposes in a special way.

Ever since she was a little girl,

Playing around with mom’s pearls.

She’s dreamed of her wedding day.

Hair perfect in place,

Gown made of beautiful lace.

All dressed in white,

For pictures in perfect light.

She walks with her father down the aisle,

She cries tears of joy all the while.

Her husband to be is slightly shaking,

As his bride is amazingly breath taking.

They say their vows and share a kiss,

They are now bonded with love and bliss.

They depart to a romantic wedding retreat,

As they relax in their honeymoon suite.

The bond they share is so strong,

They are destined to love for long.

Katie Aldrich, Bridal Consultant


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