Friday, March 9, 2012

Sarasota Wedding Planner

Waking up on her wedding day,

She tells her pup there’s no time to play.

She gets her stuff and she’s on her way,

Her puppy’s tail sways and sways.

Getting ready with the girls,

Putting on her something borrowed, pearls.

Her garter is her something blue.

Mom walks in with a present or two.

She opens the first, a tiara, something new.

She can’t stop crying she needs a tissue.

All that is left is something old,

Her Grandma’s locket, she desired to hold.

It’s present two mom gave to her.

She puts it on and life becomes a blur.

Remember all that are close to her.

She puts her beautiful bride gown on.

Her puppy escort awaits on the lawn.

She begins her journey with her pup and mom.

Down to the alter to her handsome groom.

They say their vows and kiss I do.

They love each other so much and her puppy too.

Their lifelong dream begins to bloom.

Two years later a baby arrives.

Her puppy looks with big wide eyes.

The love they share is such a strong bond.

Their family journey continues on.

Katie Aldrich, Bridal Consultant

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