Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Wedding Favors

Unique wedding favors are on the rise.  Many individuals are choosing edible favors such as cookies, chocolates, Jordan almonds, mnms with pictures on them, fortune cookies, lollipops even bags of coffee.  I like these because you do not feeling like you are wasting money on something that they will take home and put on shelf or maybe even throw away.  Some cute new edible favors are Favors(KnotShop)&sscId=GourmetFavors(KnotShop)&cId=Favors(KnotShop) Favors(KnotShop)&sscId=GourmetFavors(KnotShop)&cId=Favors(KnotShop){keyword}&gclid=CIXnw_qamKwCFYHe4AodMX8_OQ{keyword}&gclid=CIXnw_qamKwCFYHe4AodMX8_OQ

Truffles for a cause is something that is both delicious and sweet.  You can get beautifully wrapped favors of truffles for your wedding and support a cause too!  My cousin and his now wife did this for their wedding in honor of my cousin’s disease. 

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