Monday, August 22, 2011

Guest Book Remix

Hey bloggers and brides to be!  
Looking for a guest book idea that is cool and unique?
I found an interesting article in Brides magazine.  It is called guest-book remix.  It has clever and unique ideas for a guest book at a wedding or an event instead of a boring guest book.  They have ideas that are better than just pages and pages of lines with small signatures or one line congratulations.  They are creative fun and will fit your personality!
Some creative ideas:
·         Paint an instrument a solid color of paint like a guitar or ukulele white or a soft color.  Then use Sharpies or permanent markers to have the guests sign.
·         Use a map of your state or the city you are getting married and have everyone sign.
·         Use fabric squares to create a quilt, table runner, banner or some other sewing creation.  See my website for Katie Sue’s Keepsakes for more great ideas!
·         Use an art book or coffee table book to have guests sign on individual pages.  It is best to use books with lots of pictures.
Other creative ideas:
·         Seashells
·         Mirror
·         Rocks
·         Records
·         A scroll

Comment your fun and unique guest book ideas!

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