Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Wedding footwear by Katie Aldrich Sarasota Planner

Here is an interesting fact about the shoes that are worn by a bride:

Shoes Tied on the Car Bumper

Brides' shoes once were considered to be symbols of authority and possession. They used to be taken from her when she was led to the wedding place, and given to the groom by her father, affecting the transfer of his authority to her husband and as a sign that the husband now had possession of her (and she couldn't run away). The new husband then tapped her on the head to show his new role as her master.

It is obvious why this doesn't continue, but it helps to explain why we tie shoes to the back of the get-away car. Incidentally, the ever-popular horn honking has its beginnings in the days when brides traveled in open carriages. They were an easy target for evil spirits, so defenders would use bells and firecrackers to scare them away. No chance of any spirits getting in your way -- it's honeymoon or bust!

Women are always on the hunt for their perfect pair of shoes and when it comes to their wedding day there is no exception.  Brides worry about the shoes just as much as the dress. Their shoes have to match the dress and if they are having a party dress they will need a second pair of shoes.  There are so many reasons for women to buy shoes their wedding day is just one more but more special. 

There are so many styles of shoes that a bride must figure out her taste, style and comfort level.

There are style trendsetter brides, simple brides, diva brides, extravagant brides and even country western brides.  I love finding shoes that can go with a bridal gown but also be worn after the wedding for special occasions or every day use.

Here are some bridal shoe options and alternatives:

Traditional Bride Simple Bride

Trendsetter Bride

Trendsetter Bride

Diva Bride

Diva Bride

Country Girl

Country Girl

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